On the Audacity of Hope*



On the Audacity of Hope

            *Shout out to my main man, and fellow Luo, President Barack Obama

I don’t usually enjoy writing solely about emotion, without critical analysis of community development, but it seemed necessary this week.

I’ve been back for about a month now. It’s been rough. I try to start each day with gratitude. Gratitude for the friends who welcomed me with love, for housing, for EBT, for the part-time job I walked right into, for my breath, my legs, and my beating heart.

Without fail as the day proceeds, niggling insecurities creep in. That I have a lot of money left to fundraise, that it is improbable that I’ll reach the goal. Moments of doubt and fear, and wanting to give up pervade.

Last week, we started harvesting tomatoes at the greenhouse we built while I was at the farm.

A moment, a connection with someone, or a problem solved enters, and my heart and smile beam, and I remembered the power of hope, and why I do this. 

I have never accomplished anything positive by focusing solely on the constraints of a situation. I’m not saying we ignore the facts, but remember there are always assets in a problem, even if they seem few stacked against the odds. What makes the seemingly impossible possible is the power of illogical hope. Hope that I have for my future, hope that mamas have for their children, that is what gets the impossible done. 

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