A beginning.

Hello beautiful pAbodameople! I hope this message finds you happy and healthy.

I’m ready for the next grand adventure! After many, many months of searching and applying for new challenges and opportunities I was accepted into a fellowship program. I’m going to Kenya this September!!!! I feel so blessed right now.

I believe that every person is significant. Every person is capable. And every person is powerful. But no person is an island. We all need encouragement and support. Over the next few months I’ll be looking to you as sources of knowledge as well as financial and emotional support.  I hope you’ll join me!

In the professional development aspect to the program, I’m asked to raise $20,000 for the project. Fundraising is essential to non-profit work. At first this number terrified me. I was not going to accept the position.  But I refuse to let fear stop me from rising to meet the challenges of following my dreams.

I’m leaving for Kenya in just 64 days. If you can’t donate right now, please share this with a friend, or you can volunteer your time and resources to some of my fundraising events.

I’ll be joining Mama Hope and Our Lady of Perpetual Support in Kisumu, Kenya as an advocate and sustainability officer.  OLPS provides HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services for Kisumu and its surrounding community.  I’ll be working on the Rita Rose Garden and Farm used to feed the clinic’s patients, 700 orphans/vulnerable children and their caregivers. With the money I raise, we’ll be working on improving yields in the greenhouse, standardizing honey production, restocking the fish ponds, scaling up training on drip irrigation and distributing kitchen garden kits.

  Whatever you contribute ensures healthy futures for the women, men, and children of Kisumu.  Believe me, I understand that life can be a struggle–but I can guarantee that you would never regret contributing. Every single dollar of this project goes straight to improving the quality of life for this community.

You can donate online directly to my fundraising page:


Or you can send a check to: Mama Hope 582 Market Street, Suite 611, San Francisco, CA 94104. Please make sure to put Courtney/Kisumu in the memo.

I wish I could bring all of you along with me, but I’ll be sharing our stories and journey on a blog, and through emails.

Thank you for reading this! Thank you being a special person in my life.

So much love for all of you, Courtney


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